Technology is important at ISE as a means to support our core curriculum program. ISE’s IT program centers around providing students with basic computing skills in core word processing, spreadsheet, graphics, communication, publishing, and educational software applications. Children are introduced to a variety of software applications and have controlled Internet access for their learning. The teaching and learning of these skills are integrated into the general curriculum. Technology, an increasingly important tool for learning across our school, will transform what and how our students learn as well as how they communicate and demonstrate the quality of their understanding.

We aim to develop the confidence of all children in the use of ICT so they will take ongoing responsibility for their own learning and we provide opportunities for them to decide which ICT application is appropriate to use in their work. These skills will help them function effectively in a world where new technologies continue to emerge and information grows ever more abundant.
Students in Grade 1 – Grade 8 receive Information Technology instruction weekly with a certified IT specialist. Assessment of each student’s achievement is based on learning objectives related to the standards included in the lesson. Feedback is designed to help students achieve goals and to help the instructor individualize instruction, identify special needs, plan for instruction and communicate with parents.