Grade 9 English Language Arts: Introduction to Literary Studies

Resource: Elements of Language – Third Course

Course Description:

In their first year of high school, students will be exposed to a great variety of texts and genres, ranging from poetry, drama and fiction to film and spoken word performances. By studying these different literary expressions, the students acquire essential reading and critical skills that are not only the basis for passing a rigorous curriculum but will also be crucial for their time at university. In addition to this extensive reading programme, they will also be studying grammar and writing in order to hone their skills for what lies ahead of them.



Grade 10 English Language Arts: British Literature

Resource: Elements of Language – Fourth Course

Course Description:

In grade 10, the students will focus on British literary texts in order to familiarise themselves with the distinctively rich and diverse culture of the United Kingdom. By studying at once British traditions and cultural innovations in the aftermath of empire, the students will enhance their cross-cultural and historical awareness through in-depth readings and wide-ranging discussions. In grade 10, the students also have to produce an extended open-topic research essay, for which they have to conduct independent and original research. Finally, a rigorous grammar curriculum rounds off this crucially important school-year.


Grade 11 English Language Arts: American Literature

Resource: Elements of Language – Fifth Course

Course Description:

Grade 11 exposes students to literary texts that are unique to the American literary and cultural experiences. Concentrating on the Great Depression and the politics of racial segregation in the twentieth century, this course is designed to teach students the necessary skills to comprehend American literary texts in conjunction with such crucially important contextual factors as politics, region and culture. In addition to exploring America’s recent history, this course deepens the grammar and writing curricula of the previous two years in order to get students ready for their university applications in grade 12.


Grade 12 English Language Arts: World Literature

Resource: Elements of Language – Sixth Course

Course Description:

In their senior year, students will study a wide range of different texts from various parts of the world. Accordingly, the act of translation is crucially important for this course, since the curriculum not only comprises texts translated into English, but also raises the students’ awareness of both cultural borrowing and appropriation in cross-cultural contexts. Conjunctionally framed by close-readings and extensive writing assignments, this World Literature Course allows students to sharpen their analytical and reading abilities at the same time as they can put the finishing touches to their writing skills before they head off to university. As a matter of course, a rigorous grammar curriculum is an essential ingredient of grade 12 as well.


Grade 12: Advanced Placement (AP) – English Literature and Composition


Rob Franek et al., The Princeton Review: Cracking the AP English Literature and Composition Exam (2019)

Tomas R Arp & Greg Johnson, Perrine’s Literature: Structure, Sound, and Sense (with 2016 MLA Update Card).

Course Description:

If students feel ready to challenge themselves, they can embark on the AP English Literature and Composition upon entering their senior year. This rigorously structured course allows students to earn credit points for their university education at the same time as it asks them to think outside commonly established interpretive patterns in high school. The three units on AP English are: ‘Gender Roles, Performativity and Social Expectations’, ‘Maritime (Mis-)adventure and Responses to Human Suffering’ and ‘Alterity and Literary Representations of the Outsider’. Each and every unit asks students to read both widely and independently in order to be able to complete the great number of extensive writing assignments on this course. It is a natural choice for those who love reading and writing and will familiarise them with university-level knowledge of a great variety of texts and the literary cultures in which they are embedded.