All ISE students are expected to follow the rules of the bus:

  1. Wear your seat belt at all times.
  2. Be on time for the bus.
  3. Keep your hands and feet to yourselves.
  4. Do not get on the bus before your matron.
  5. Use kind words to your matron and fellow students.
  6. Speak in a quiet voice on the bus.
  7. Stay in the seat assigned to you by your matron.
  8. Keep your bus clean.
  9. Say “thank you” to your bus driver and your matron as you leave the bus.

Poor behavior jeopardizes the safety and well being of all students. Should a student repeatedly refuse to follow the rules of a bus, that student will be suspended from the bus for a period of two days. A second offense results in a three-day bus suspension and a meeting with the Head of School, the student, and the student’s parents. Should a student’s behavior not improve after the second offense, that student may not be allowed to continue riding the bus.