The ISE Art Education Program allows time for students to develop the life-long skills needed to become visually literate in the world in which we live. The elementary art education program provides maximum opportunity for each student to have hands-on experiences in producing their art, enhanced by the integration of art history, art criticism and aesthetic critiques. Art education classes at the elementary level will encourage critical and creative problem-solving skills, as well as empathy for historical and contemporary art works. The program is designed to encourage perceptual awareness through the involvement of all the senses and allows for the integration of other curricula – as art readily relates to all educational experiences.

Students in all grades receive art instruction weekly with a certified art specialist. Assessment of each student’s artistic achievement is based on learning objectives related to the components included in the lesson and idea development. Feedback is designed to help students achieve goals and to help the instructor individualize instruction, identify special needs, plan for instruction and communicate with parents.