Parents’ Review

Parents’ Review

From: aly mousa
Date: Thu, Dec 1, 2016 at 10:39 AM
Subject: Thank you

Dear ISE authority and teachers.


Today is the last day of the trimester 1 and most probably the last day for our kids in ISE for this year 

Although they have joined ISE for one trimester only, however they have learned a lot and they enjoyed the amazing ISE community , you have a very highly  supportive teaching environment.


As a parents , we met with an amazing group of authority and teachers. You have one of the best communication system. We never face a problem to communicate with any teacher. All of them are supportive and trying their best to solve any concern the parents or the students have.


Due to our work condition, we have to go back to their previous school outside Egypt. In case we come back to Egypt for any reason ISE will always be our preferable school.


God bless you all


Thank you all and best regards


Dr Aly Mousa